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The 4-session programme

Facial Fitness Ireland will devise an exercise plan tailored to your rejuvenation needs. The standard programme comprises four sessions (you will only need one full programme ever). Since the Covid 19 pandemic, sessions are conducted via Zoom. Outcalls are an option (see prices below).

Sessions 1 and 2

During these first two sessions you will learn how to use these muscles that you never consciously knew you had. These introductory workouts are necessary before you progress on to the advanced stage.

Session 3

The following session can be called the advanced routine. This customised session will be dedicated to learn the exercises that specifically answer your rejuvenation needs, whether these are crow’s feet, expression lines, saggy jowls, bags under the eyes…You will be given a training manual to remember these exercises when you are at home

Session 4

Within two months, you will attend a “review” session in order to check for bad habits in your workout, and if needed, learn a few more exercises.

Each session normally lasts an hour and a half.

Some people may feel after some time that they want to “revise” exercises, or work on new areas of the face that were not an issue at the time of attending the programme, in which case they can book an extra session with us. 


4 online classes + training manual + cotton gloves: €280                                     Download the coaching agreement HERE
(Outcalls in the greater Dublin area can be arranged for an extra €30 per visit to cover travel expenses and journey time)

Opening Hours

We open slightly outside of office hours to allow you to attend the programme without having to leave work early.

Monday/Friday:      2pm – 9pm

Saturday:               11am – 5pm