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Facial Fitness

A gym for your face

Fight the signs of ageing such as deep-set wrinkles, droopy features and dull skin tone with a regular facial workout.

Through a set of four classes, Facial Fitness Ireland will provide you with a training routine that is to the face what weight training is to the body.

Available through English, French and Spanish.

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A natural facelift

Regular facial exercise help tighten and tone the muscles of your face, giving you a more youthful and refreshed appearance.

Improved complexion

Facial fitness helps improve your overall skin complexion by stimulating blood flow, oxygenation, and distribution of nutrients.

Enhanced Confidence

By enhancing your appearance, the regular practice of a facial fitness routine can boost your confidence and self-esteem.

A 20 minute facial workout 3 times a week can help you take years off your face 

Facial fitness is about exercising the many muscles of the face in order to maintain or regain their tone, thereby preventing and even reversing some of the main signs of ageing 

Saggy muscles: the forgotten culprit

When talking about ageing, people always mention the usual suspects: sun, alcohol, tobacco, poor diet and genetics. True, these all play a role. However, muscle tone is more seldom talked about, yet by improving it, you can dramatically change your appearance.

How can Facial Fitness restore your youthful looks?