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Getting rid of a double chin:


A series of simple exercises can help you eliminate this common problem. The main muscles that are targetted are the digastricus and the mylohyoideus.

As an example, the following exercise was chosen since the action of the muscle against finger resistance can be felt very easily. 



Starting position:

Jut your chin forward and hold your head slighly upwards.Place the pads of your thumbs under your chin, one in front of the other.

The movement:

Gradually press the tip of your tongue against the roof of your mouth, in 6 steps, increasing the pressure at each step and counting to 5. At the same time hold the thumbs firmly against the pressure of the muscle.

Once you have reached maximum intensity, hold for 10 seconds.

Release the tension in 6 gradual steps.Relax for a few seconds, then repeat the movement 3 times.

Note: breathe deeply and regularly during this exercise.