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Safety and Privacy


All face to face sessions are recorded for you to feel safe at Facial Fitness Ireland.


Facial Fitness Ireland is GDPR compliant.

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Facial fitness is an efficient and lasting way of rejuvenating without going under the surgeon's scalpel. Let us have a look at other methods, all of which interesting but not working on the same level as facial exercises. Note that you have the option of using some of the below methods in conjunction with facial exercises.


  • Creams: while efficient at moisturising and protecting against sun damage, creams cannot tone the muscles. They work at a superficial level without reaching the deeper layers of the skin.


  • Massages: they aim at relaxing the muscles and stimulating the blood vessels. Of course this will make you feel great, and the texture of skin may seem to improve, but these effects fade off shortly after the session. As the muscle does not perform any work, it cannot develop and saggy features will not be durably lifted that way.
  • Injections: rather than lifting the face, they are quite efficient at erasing selected wrinkles. This is often achieved by paralysing the muscle so that one loses the ability to move it; Hollywood producers complain that they find it difficult to find actors that can express surprise, joy, sorrow as their faces are frozen into one expression. 


  • Surgery: just doing an Internet search for “bad plastic surgery” will make you think twice. It is a very risky gamble. Add to it the pain, and the cost. Of course it can be helpful in some instances, but you have all seen examples of these 'Hollywood face lift faces'. 


  • Machines: the basic concept here is similar to facial fitness. However machines (using electrical impulse) can never be as effective as exercise for the following reasons: first of all many do not let you focus on the weaker areas. You target the whole face every time. With exercise you select the areas in need of improvement, and you can work these less often when happy with the results, and concentrate others. Secondly, the intensity of the muscle contraction cannot be compared. It is like what merely flexing your muscles is to lifting heavy weight. Exercise is much more demanding on the muscle, and therefore allows you to develop it much more effectively. It is obvious that fitness models did not get their shredded abs using electric belts.


Note that facial fitness can be combined with any of the above...

...but in itself, it is an efficient, lasting, safe and affordable method of rejuvenating!



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